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Thoughts on Emma Watson


Like, good for you for speaking up about feminism and gender roles and sexism. Glad you are using your privilege as a celebrity to discuss these issues (albeit in a pretty basic ass speech).

But all I kept thinking when I saw all these silly articles claiming that…


Shironeko and the cute girl from next door who happens to be Kuro’s mother.

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thoughts that need a home

  • My mum makes me feel like shit a lot of the time
  • Today, despite figuring out how to do some stuff, and starting work on some tasks that really needed doing, I felt adrift and at a loose end.
  • I’m not sure what my motives are, regarding the care package I’m making for Emily. Her lack of contact with me is upsetting - because I’m concerned about her, but I’m worried that it is also upsetting because I want/need some recognition for this thing that I am doing. And I shouldn’t want/need that. Because it should be a kind thing for HER and shouldn’t be about me. So that’s a worry.
  • I want to know why it is that so many people who I consider intrinsic to my emotional wellbeing, and who I love, and who I try to stay in touch with, are seemingly not concerned about staying in touch with me.

It feels like I fail spectacularly at everything I try.

Too materialistic but omg look

Too materialistic but omg look

Well, I was really hoping to make it through the day without crying. Can’t have everything anything I guess.


Let’s hear it for some easily achievable, productive goals:

  • search for new internships in Manchester and Bristol
  • take a photo
  • buy autumn candles
  • practice headstands
  • read
  • appreciate my friends

update: only 2 of these achieved. But that does include the most important ones. Plus had a great and surprisingly motivational chat with my sister. Baby steps.